Business in Focus: CBS Solar and their Super Tracker Solar System

Cbs Solar

CBS Solar in Copemish has been in the renewable energy business for over 40 years. The mission behind this company has always been to find “alternative methods to sustain families, businesses,Cbs Solar and the economy” while using green technology.

Allan O’Shea, the president of the company, says they have always worked hard to bring energy to ‘ordinary folks’ and businesses in the area. “We’re making great strides… and we’re making it easier to go solar for those looking for alternative energy”.

For those who aren’t sold on solar yet, Allan also explained how “solar energy is affordable, and in time – it pays for itself”. In addition, CBS Solar offers free quotes, and up to $30,000 in financing to homeowners if they qualify. There are also other financing programs available as well.

Beyond cost, another major concern people may have is the lack of sunlight here in Northern Michigan. Allan says that this ‘concern’ is a misconception a lot of people have when it comes to solar. “There’s a common misconception that we don’t get enough sunlight here,” said Allan, “but our solar technology work just as well anywhere else”.

With their 4 Panel “Super Tracker” Solar System, it makes it easier to capture that sunlight and turn it into useful and renewable energy.

“The ‘Super Tracker’ is one of the most efficient ways to get the most out of solar. It follows the sun from the morning to the evening. Then, the tracker resets itself every evening facing directly East, and as soon as that sun comes up, it starts to track.”

For more information about CBS Solar and their renewable energy systems, click here.

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