MSP Urges Storm Preparedness

MSP Urges Storm Preparedness

With the first severe winter storm of the season upon us, Michigan State Police officials are reminding us of ways we should be prepared.

For homes, they suggest…
• A 72-hour emergency supply kit that includes food and water, a battery-powered or hand-crank weather radio, blankets, flashlights with extra batteries and emergency contact information.
• A safe alternate heat source and supply of fuel in the event of a power outage.
• For those requiring oxygen, a backup power source in case of a long-term power outage.

If you must go outside, wear several layers of lightweight clothing, a hat and gloves to prevent loss of body heat. Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from cold air.

If you must travel…
• Carry an emergency supply kit with essential items such as salt, sand, a shovel, food and blankets.
• Ensure your car has the proper mix of antifreeze and water in the cooling system and that windshield washing fluid is topped off.
• Keep tires at the car manufacturer’s recommended pressure and routinely check tire pressure during cold weather.
• Keep the fuel tank near full to prevent fuel line freezing.
• Let someone know your destination, route and expected arrival time.

Locally, we’re receiving reports of office and business closings, including all Upper Great Lakes Family Health Centers and Michigan Tech and Gogebic Community College offices. Check the full list at If you plan to go out, call your destination before leaving to ensure it’s open.


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