MTU presents Robot101 events to celebrate over a century of robots

MTU presents Robot101 events to celebrate over a century of robots

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) – Michigan Tech University (MTU) is celebrating all things robots with a series of public events and presentations called Robot101.

The events aim to explore the past, present and future of robots and their influence, starting with the origin of the word itself.

The word ‘robot’ first appeared in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots, or R.U.R, by Karel Capek in 1921.

A comic book adaptation was written by Professor Chris Murray and Nick Johnson of the University of Dundee and launched last April.

Both authors presented the play’s influence and the comic itself at the MTU Tech Van Pelt and Opie Library on Thursday afternoon to kick off Robot101.

MTU Professors Brett Hamlin, Steve Walton and Chuck Wallace handled the organization of the series of events.

They encourage not only students to join in but community members as well.

“We think of Robot101 as something for everyone to be involved in,” said Wallace. “We really want this to be a way in which everybody gets a little taste of all the different ways robots influence our lives.”

Events for the Robot101 series will continue through October and November and will include an MTU Tech Theater Performance of R.U.R running from Oct. 14-15.




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