Columbia City Council to discuss Cosmo Park improvements | Mid-Missouri News

Columbia City Council to discuss Cosmo Park improvements | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA – The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department is requesting approval for a public hearing on improvements to the Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area (Cosmo Park) during the city council meeting on Monday, April 17.

The budget for the proposed project is $428,834. The project will be funded through a donation from the John D. Hall Memorial Trust. $53,792 has already been appropriated for the project from the last fiscal year.

According to a memo sent to the city council, the proposed improvements include the construction of a new grandstand with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) seating on football field 6, a new bleacher pad with ADA seating area on football field 5, and a new shelter. Four of the existing goalposts would also be replaced along with two existing scoreboards.

Megan Lilien is a coach for Columbia Youth Lacrosse. The team she coaches occasionally utilizes field #5 and field #6, where the proposed improvements will be implemented. Lilien said any improvements to the fields would be appreciated.

“Fields are in high demand in the city,” Lilien said. “So, we're always looking for fields and places to play [and] any improvements are appreciated.”

The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department also plans to renovate the existing Urban Wussler concession shelter.

Jenn Eatinger-Sprague is a parent of two lacrosse players who utilize the field. Eatinger-Sprague said the addition of ADA seating would be great for the community.

“I think that it would be great,” Eatinger-Sprague said. “You know, especially for grandparents and stuff and especially when it's warmer and the sun is out. [The shelter] would also help today as it’s very windy.”

On the Columbia Parks and Recreation public comment form, responses were positive. However, one person is asking for additional bleachers on the north field.

According to the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department, the proposed field improvements will not have a substantial impact on maintenance responsibilities at the fields.

The project will be completed at different times over the next two years to avoid conflicting with the Columbia Youth Football League season, according to the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department. However, the department plans to coordinate the completion of the goal post replacement, scoreboard replacement and engineering design work prior to the 2023 football season.


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