First City Strive awards given to Parks and Rec, Midland Police

First City Strive awards given to Parks and Rec, Midland Police

The City of Midland has recognized its first two recipients of the City Strive Awards: Justin Wray with Parks and Recreation and Officer Jerry Wilson with the Midland Police Department.

The City Strive Awards are an employee recognition program developed to encourage and recognize City of Midland employees who strive to exceed residents' expectations and the highest standards of service to the community, and to exemplify the city’s culture and values. There are eight areas of recognition for which an award can be presented.

Awards are given on a periodic basis and nominations may be submitted by the public at any time. Award recipients are determined by a recognition committee made up of members of the City Wellbeing Task Force, an employee-led group dedicated to workplace wellbeing and staff programming.

Justin Wray, Parks, and Recreation
Parks and Recreation Facilities Maintenance Worker Justin Wray received the Respect & Inclusion Award, which recognizes an individual for consistently exhibiting and promoting respectful and inclusive behaviors in the delivery of services to citizens and in interactions with employees by striving to ensure that all voices are heard, all contributions are appreciated and all people feel valued.

Wray has worked for the City of Midland since 2013 and was nominated by resident Kim White for his relationship with his coworker Adam White:

“Justin is my son’s immediate supervisor. Adam works for Parks and Recreation. Justin is so amazing with Adam. Adam has Down Syndrome and has worked for Parks and Recreation for six years this coming June. Justin has supervised Adam for the past year and a half. Learning how to communicate and give instruction to Adam takes time to learn. Justin jumped right in and took the time to learn how to communicate and work with Adam. Justin is Adam's favorite person to work with on a daily basis, which means Adam feels valued, safe, and useful.

“People don't realize that people with disabilities need to feel needed and valued. Justin just ‘gets it.' Justin understands the value of all people and brings out the best in them. The great part about what Justin does is that other employees are watching, learning, and realizing the value of people with disabilities because he sets the example others are following. The work environment that Justin is creating is one of compassion, hard work, and respect. We should all strive to be inclusive and respectful.
“Thank you, Justin, for your example.” – Kim White

Jerry Wilson, Midland Police Department
Midland Police Department Patrol Officer Jerry Wilson received the Integrity & Professionalism Award, which recognizes an individual for consistently demonstrating by word and action the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all public and professional interactions and striving to achieve the trust and respect of citizens and employees.

Wilson was nominated by Mayor Maureen Donker and Chief of Police Nicole Ford for his professional conduct:

“During a difficult situation, Officer Wilson's conduct was incredibly professional and displayed the very best we could ever expect from an officer.” – Mayor Maureen Donker

“Officer Wilson displayed a high level of professionalism and showed great restraint while dealing with a very difficult subject.” – Chief Nicole Ford

Officer Wilson has served with the Midland Police Department since 2012.

“When a City employee makes a significant impact through their work, it makes Midland a better community,” said City Manager Brad Kaye. “The actions displayed by Justin and Officer Wilson that led to their receiving these awards are a testament to their dedication to and love for their work and this city. We are incredibly grateful to have them representing the City of Midland every day.”

For more information on the City Strive Award program or to submit a nomination for a deserving City employee, visit the City Strive website.


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