New surveillance video shows vehicle crashing into bus at intersection in Detroit

New surveillance video shows vehicle crashing into bus at intersection in Detroit

DETROIT – Surveillance cameras from a business in Corktown captured the moment when a car ran a stop sign and crashed into a bus last Thursday.

A vehicle ran a stop sign last Thursday and hit a Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) public bus near Rosa Parks Boulevard and Temple Street.

“Somebody left the casino and was traveling off Temple here way too fast and didn’t see the stop sign. This guy T-boned the bus and was ejected from the vehicle, and the bus ran through people’s properties, and we’re lucky that it wasn’t a lot more carnage in the situation,” Dallas Barr, who works nearby, explained.

People rushed to the scene only to find out that the driver had been ejected and that the car somehow ended up on top of him.

“When people realize that he was pinned under the car, everyone was on their phones calling and trying to get you to know, rescue here. You should have seen all the people that came up to help this guy, but they couldn’t lift the car off him,” Dallas recalled.

It looks like the driver is speeding, but whether or not he saw the stop sign is the question. From the looks of it, the sign may not have been visible.

“With all this overgrown shrubbery, you can’t see that stop sign until it’s too late,” Dallas said.

Sadly, we’ve seen crash after crash at this intersection. Something Dallas knows firsthand.

“My grandfather was hit here back in 2018. There was a fatality here a year after that,” he explained. “There used to be a light, they took the light out, then the casino came, and now we need a light here. This is an issue. There are no speed humps. This is a fire lane. They can’t put the speed humps in so people can go 55 miles an hour down here.”

He hopes that the traffic light can be placed back at the intersection.

At this time there is no update on the condition of the driver.


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