Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation to share progress, award several grants at …

Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation to share progress, award several grants at ...

What’s happening: Looking for the inside scoop on the good things happening in Sterling Heights? The public is invited to attend this year’s annual meeting of the Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation, an hour-long event scheduled for noon on Thursday, April 13, at the Sterling Heights Community Center.

What’s planned: On this year’s docket includes the Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation sharing key accomplishments from the past year and plans for growth over the next. The Foundation will also present a number of grants, a list that includes financial awards for the library’s Summer Reading Program and the city’s Sterlingfest Festival, Music in the Park series, Farmers Market, the Police Department Drug Coalition Education Program, youth baseball and softball programs, and annual scholarship program. Grants will also be presented to the Utica Community Schools Career Focus Program, the Macomb Science Olympiad, and more.

Who they are: The Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation was first established as a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization in 1991 and has since contributed more than $1.5 million in grants and awards to various quality-of-life improvement projects throughout the area. It’s a long list that includes everything from public artwork to city recreation projects like the skate park, dog park, ice rink, and more.

Why it’s important: “The Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation had a strong 2022 calendar year, fulfilling our mission to enhance the quality of life of Sterling Heights area residents with ever-increasing contributions funding cultural, educational and recreational activities in the community, while building and strengthening our brand throughout the City and Macomb County,” Foundation Executive Director and President Emeritus Karl G. Oskoian says in a statement. “We have grown the Foundation consistently since its inception in 1991, recently passing significant financial and strategic goals. We continue to focus on growing the Foundation asset base to increase annual income for distribution to the community in our mission areas. We are excited about our progress and continued growth and expanding service to the community, in perpetuity.”

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